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[NewProject/NeuesProjekt] Apolyton version of the Call to Power II source code

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2022 6:39 pm
by AlexanderOrlovskyCEO
What do you do in your free time? 

Well i love coding and being CEO of Orlovsky Consulting GbR most times i have no time for fun project/s, so decided to start to work on Apolyton version of the Call to Power II source code

Call to Power 2 game
Call to Power 2 game
Call_to_Power_II_(game_cover).jpg (24.11 KiB) Viewed 565 times

It's a famous turn based strategy game, which is a clone of Sid Meier Civilization game, my intent to modernize it for windows platform and to understand the logic of turn based strategy games in general and what can be more fun as to get a direct access from a famous material source, this actually would help my another project SOE 2500.

Some quirks to mentions: 
this is a "perfect" legacy project, which means: big codebase, pretty low quality documentation, no design documents, it works only partially and with a lot of effort with rule "if it runs dont touched".

Originally many years ago source code of the game was released to close community (Apolyton forums) of Sid Meier Civilization types of games and then later this community moved to github, they done the best possible job of maintaining it so far.

The programming language which was used for this project is C++ and C, sure currently  it seen as not modern and not related to hyped programming language like Java Script, GoLang, Scala etc , but this is a really good example and challenge for practicing refactoring and testability in a complex legacy project.

As i mentioned  already, i consider it as a hobby project.
This is not a full time project
, my intent just to brush my programming knowledge of c++ and c language and get ideas about turn based strategy games.

Definitely i feeling lucky to start the part time project in 2022!