[Average/Mittelmässig] Re: Get into contact with past customers of Orlovsky

If you are or was a client of Orlovsky Consulting GbR, write a review and give star rating like following
5 star very good, 4 good , 3 average, 2 bad , 1-0 worse (give reason for that)

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[Average/Mittelmässig] Re: Get into contact with past customers of Orlovsky

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Hi there!
This a past message for the forum member which didnt follow proper request procedure of working with my company:

He tried to leave a bad and fake review here.
To this former member: "let me show you the door" .
Me and my company are not interested to work with such people, who even don't bother to call or to reach via normal communication.
This topic is closed and i will further continue to monitor my forum for such negative stuff.

People you should respect and be polite to me and my company and we do the same respect back, mutual friendliness is alway beneficial.

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